Indian Chemical industry is the 3rd largest producer in Asia and 12th in the world. India has a tremendous domestic growth potential due to rise in GDP and purchasing power supported by the low cost manufacturing and improved government policies. “Make in India” initiative launched by Government of India given substantial boost to the Indian chemical industry to achieve aggressive growth target to reach a size of US$ 403 billion by 2025 from US$150 in 2015.
  Aggressive targets set by the “Make in India” initiative demand constant intellectual support on all fronts like concept to commercialization, revamping, capacity expansion and integration projects, etc. SHRI TECH-SOLS is an emerging group of experienced Chemical Engineers from IIT’s and ICT (formerly known as UDCT). Background of these two organizations (Fundamental and Practical Approach) makes this group unique in its thought process while dealing with any given problem statement. Expertise available with us can resolve technical challenges across the chemical industry starting from bulk chemicals to specialty including pharma, paints, pigment, polymer, oil & surfactants, etc.
  SHRI TECH-SOLS objective is to support the “Make in India” as well as “Global” initiatives through its intellectual contributions in technical services as well as manufacturing, which will ensure a “Sustainable Future” for the next generations.

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